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On the weekend of Jan. 25-27, Sandbox Communities, in partnership with HackGT, hosted its first-ever statewide collegiate competition, the inaugural “Collegiate Cup.” Open to student teams from Georgia colleges and universities, the cup featured three categories: coding, case study and design. The challenge asked students “to improve the quality of life in Georgia by leveraging the state’s strengths.” Nineteen teams representing nine Georgia colleges competed for the $750 category champion prize as well as the $250 category People’s Choice prize. At the end of the competition, the teams presented to different judging panels which included peer voting, and winners for each category were announced.

Georgia Southern had the honor of sending two teams to the competition – “The Baconators,” comprised of students Marin Coleman, Zee Doehling, Yvette Gallardo and Trenton Reese, along with “Cactus Juice,” composed of students Deeanna Lyn, Soleil Collins, Thomas Martin and Imani McCants. The students were accompanied by associate professor of graphic design, Santanu Majumdar. Both teams participated in the design category, where they were asked to develop a creative solution to a problem faced by Georgians. The overall winners of the cup were a coding group who developed a website aimed at introducing elementary aged girls to the coding profession in a fun and interactive way so as to promote women interest in a primarily male-dominated profession.

Zee Doehling of “The Baconators” said, “I have never had that much fun brainstorming and really trying to get to the root of the problem before. It was a lot of fun being able to make the project our own, too, because there weren’t any guidelines or formats required. We were really able to solve whatever problem we wanted to tackle and take it in any design direction we wanted.”

The teams had an impressive showing at the competition, and despite the fact that they may have returned home without a prize, the Collegiate Cup allowed the students an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from a variety of Georgia schools as well as expand their network.

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