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CEL&L Hosts Two Successful Entrepreneurs in Classes

Jim Williams, the Chair of the Advisory Council for the Center for Entrepreneurial Learning and Leadership hosted two important entrepreneurial guests in his classes on Tuesday November 9th.  Both guests were friends of Jim Williams who invited them to spend the day on campus.

(Pictured from left to right Dr. Luke Pittaway, William A. Freeman Distinguished Chair in Free Enterprise, Jim Williams, Chair of CEL&L Advisory Council, Tim Redding, Ron Shiffler, Dean of COBA and Billy Crider Jr.)   

Tim Redding a native of Savannah is the President and Owner of:  Metter Ford, Swainsboro Ford/Lincoln/Mercury and Dublin Ford/Lincoln/Mercury.

Tim’s emphasis to the students was to focus on doing your best at the job you are on and not be distracted into thinking about your next move or job and to not be climbing over or going through your fellow workers just for your advancement..  He did not become an entrepreneur overnight but over a series of years that helped build his experience and know how to successfully operate Ford Motor Company dealerships.  Other than his first entrepreneur start, his 30 years of growth has occurred without any partners.  He concluded with reminding the students to always do their best on their current job and to always share the objective/goal with your team so all will know the bulls’ eye you are aiming for.

Billy Crider, Jr., is from Douglas, Georgia and serves as Chairman, Founder & CEO, Crider, Inc.  He has been a long time supporter of College of Business Administrative and provides the largest monetary award given to the outstanding professor of the year.

Billy shared his 50 years of learning experience in the business world including his solely owned Crider, Inc. a food processing company with 600 employees he started in Stillmore in 1965.  During his career he has had partners in other businesses and each one resulted in success for him and them.

He told stories about the successes his 6 college roommates achieved.  The common aspect of all was that each one was doing something they enjoyed.  Their success was not measured by the amount of money they generated but the win/win aspect of their chosen field.  He ended by saying if you need to make $1 then have a plan for making $3 because the circumstances or conditions will always change.

The students in both classes had good questions for discussion with both Billy Crider and Tim Redding and enjoyed the ideas shared with them.

We are most appreciative of their taking the time from their busy schedules to be with our Entrepreneurship classes.


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